About the Artist - Tanya Sue Todd
Photo by BDB.  <br />

Tanya Sue Todd is an artist/photographer who takes the abandoned rural structures of eastern North Carolina and details of daily life as her main subject matter. Her images call attention to the lost and often overlooked beauty of the everyday.

Todd enhances the dynamic between artist and audience by injecting emotions in her pictures. Her photos of deteriorating buildings seldom show the complete structure; often they seem merely to peek into rooms, revealing unconventional angles, permitting photographer and viewers the opportunity to imagine interpretations unhindered by historical reality. Emphasizing the often unexpected beauty of the everyday countryside, Todd seduces her audience into a world of arresting natural equilibrium, from the decline of old houses and barns to the birth of fresh vegetation, as time works its ways on the stream of daily events. She depicts moments that punctuate the human drama in order to find poetic meanings, as well as to clarify our existence. There is beauty in disillusionment, purpose in the overlooked.

Todd's works sometimes reflect sorrow or loss; sometimes they radiate cold, latent violence. Within each image, nevertheless, is a hint of hope, a suggestion of life and purpose renewed. At times, disconcerting beauty emerges. The inherent visual seductiveness, along with the conciseness of the exhibitions, further impresses the reception of their manifold layers of meaning.

Tanya Sue Todd currently lives and works in rural eastern NC.